training map for speed jumps

This is a map made to train long jumps. Inspired by kz_ maps for HL2’s games. They are aligned blocks, but each couple of blocks have a specific measure for the gap. The smaller jump is 10 units and the larger is 13 units.

In Kreedz’s maps you have to make these jumps by air strafe but you don’t need that technique here because obviously it’s impossible since it’s third person with a different control. Here in GTA San Andreas you can make longer jumps by using a technique called «speed jump» which consist in taking a distance from the edge and running fast to get the fastest speed so you jump on the edge and you reach farther. So this map is made to train this.

I took more care with the textures this time and with the lights/shadows, also it has transparent textures for the numbers. First time that I make a transparent thing for a map 馃槢

Longi Training by

V铆ctor G贸mez

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